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Lux & Lust provides homebuyers with expert advice, accurate market and property information, prompt access to world class properties and the highest level of service and discretion.  We offer skilled and authoritative assessment of Real Estate opportunities, as well as exclusive access to some of the best properties on the market — many of which may never be available to the public.



Real Estate Specialization

  • We assist clients in the purchase of real estate in more than a dozen Real Estate categories: single family homes, condos, townhomes and multiplexes, as well as properties that demand specialized knowledge such as waterfront real estate, extreme luxury real estate, golf properties, ski resort properties, rural real estate, vineyards and islands.

Local Expertise

  • Our Real Estate Brokers offer in-depth knowledge of your local real estate market, from advice on the homes and developments with the best potential return-on-investment, to insight into the properties and neighbourhoods that best match your life stage and lifestyle.

Professional Service and Discretion

  • We commit to providing you with confidential, knowledgeable and responsive service. We guarantee discretion, monitor and promptly deliver listings that meet your criteria, facilitate viewings and property tours according to your individual needs and schedule, and facilitate the negotiation and purchase of your home professionally.

Global Connections

  • Lux & Lust provides unparalleled access to the global Real Estate market. We have the experience and contacts to facilitate international real estate transactions and to assist clients who wish to buy from abroad. Our Real Estate Brokers provide service in over a dozen languages including English, French, Chinese, Russian, Spanish and German. We also offer professional translation services when needed.

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